About Our Business

Looking for a unique way to serve drinks at your wedding?
We can serve your guests beer, cider, wine, champagne, coffee and tea. If you would like a signature cocktail our experienced bar staff are able to help. 
The best part about it all is that this is a BYO bar. Yep that’s right, you supply the drinks and we provide everything else! This means that there is no mark up on drinks! Our RSA qualified bar staff will serve your drinks and keep your guests entertained all night long. 

What we supply:  

 - Experienced RSA qualified bar staff.

  - All ice to keep drinks cool.

  - Glassware such as wine, champagne flutes and tumblr glasses. 

- Drink garnishes e.g Lemons, limes or cucumber.  

- Ice buckets and drink dispensers for non alcoholic drinks. 

- Generator if no power is available on site. *Small fee

- Site inspections if needed. 

What we do not supply:

- All drinks are to be supplied from other party. 

- A cool room may be needed if no fridges are available on site. 

- Depending on location, a one-off liquor licence may be needed (which we can help with). 



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